Kyle Arch

full stack web developer based out of Austin, TX.
(805) 903 2603


I'm a 29 year old developer living with my wife and daughter in Round Rock, Texas. I've been working on computers since I could use a keyboard and mouse, and picked up web development in middle school. For some reason, I went to school for Business Administration at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and received my bachelor's degree in December of 2011. I gained all of my development knowledge and experience through copious amounts of reading, tutorials, and pet projects until I was hired for my first professional programming job 3 months into 2012. I've worked hard and made career moves when work became stagnant and unchallenging.

While work drives me and keeps my mind eager and agile, my family is why I work as hard as I do. I met my wife in San Luis Obispo as a freshman, and 6 years later propsed in Redondo Beach, CA. We were married a year later, where she followed me to Texas when work pulled us from California. Half a year later she told me she was pregnant and in April of 2016 our daughter was born.

Work History

2017 – current:
Backend Developer @ Focusing more on backend PHP for a large scale digital goods marketplace. Emphasis on scalability and performance.
2015 – 2017:
Senior Developer @ 83bar, LLC. Building and managing a web platform to help bring potential patients to practices. Areas of technology include PHP (Laravel 5.1) backend/admin dashboard and a Backbone.js internal application leveraging Twilio to handle customer interactions.
2013 – 2015:
Web Developer @ Sizmek. Maintained and improved a web platform used to build rich media advertisements. Built using PHP (CodeIgniter) and Backbone.js. Strong focus on speed and optimization, including building a new web animation format for autoplaying long animations (videos) on mobile devices.
2012 – 2013:
Junior Developer @ Socialtyze. Building unique experiences (largely on the Facebook Pages ecosystem) including games, surveys, contests, and social media interactive campaigns. Built using PHP and Javascript and a vast number of APIs and libraries to create engaging experiences.


HTML (since 2000)
Stay current with HTML standard and emphasize semantic HTML.
CSS (since 2000)
Current with CSS3 features and limitations. is both a good friend and constant letdown. Familiar with (all libraries and frameworks listed in descending familiarity unless otherwise noted) Bootstrap, Foundation, Bulma, and Skeleton.
PHP (since 2003)
Preferred language to develop with. Primary focus in professional career. Familiar with Laravel 5+, CodeIgniter, Zend, Slim, Yii. Extensive use of Wordpress, exploration of other CMS platforms (such as October and Drupal), as well as several custom tailored CMS solutions. Experiences with various visual PHP libraries and integrations including GD, ImageMagick, and ffmpeg
Javascript (since 2003)
Learned Javascript first through jQuery (and soon, jQuery UI and jQuery Mobile). I consumed "vanilla Javascript" as soon as I discovered that jQuery was only a Javascript library, and then began exploring the additional libraries and frameworks such as Backbone.js (with Marionette), Angular JS, Vue.js, and Polymer.
At various points professionally and personally I've consumed a number of APIs including: Facebook, Twilio, AWS, Google Maps, Twitter, Stripe, and Instagram